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Lindenhoff Wine bundle



Discover our sommelier’s picks for the best wines to celebrate with this festive season.

  • three bottles of Plaisir from Roger Sabon in Chateauneuf du pape.
    Blend: Clairette | Grenache blanc | Bourboulenc

  • three bottles of Rhône from Roger Sabon in Rhône
    Blend: Grenache | Cinsault | Syrah
  • one bottle of Leclerc Briant Champagne
    Blend: Pinot Noir | Pinot Meunier | Chardonnay
  • one bottle of Inspiration 4.0 | non-alcoholic
    Sparkling wine
  • Chocolate perigord walnuts
    Delicious with a small cup of coffee

This dry white wine is full bodied with aroma’s of apple, vanilla and herbs. Plaisir is a wine that pairs wonderfully with white meat and earthy flavours like truffle and mushrooms.

This is an open elegant wine, characterised by aromas of ripe cherries and light chocolate with silky tannins. Ideally served with grilled dishes and young cheeses.

A blissfully dry champagne, rich in taste and a lively flow of small bubbles. Fresh refined tones of citrus and unmistakable minerality with a salty acidity that pairs excellently with oysters and lobster.

Champagner Bratbirne
Cheers! This effervescent alcohol-free aperitif is made with the old pear variety Champagner Bratbirne from Germany, a fruit high in tannins. The juice makes for a delicate drink, which is uncorked after bottle fermentation to lose alcohol at a slow pace. The flavour is subtle and floral, with a hint of nutmeg. An elegant alternative to sparkling wines, with a dry finish.

Roasted almonds coated in chocolate and cocoa/cinnamon, handmade by chocolatier van Soest. Selected for you to enjoy while you decide which bottle to open first.