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Lindenhoff Meat Tasting Box



Discover a hand-picked selection of quality cuts of meat with the Lindenhoff Meat tasting box.

Lindenhoff’s mission is to produce as sustainably as possible. Whilst each of the farmers Lindenhoff works with has their own set of unique practices, they all share these same values. Like Lindenhoff, they opt for nature-based farming principles and lovingly care for their cows and pigs. We are convinced that meat tastes better when the animal had a good life. Every product in our range is selected because it is the best tasting of its kind. Our experience and beliefs are that the best taste can only result from production methods that stay close to nature and prioritise the wellbeing of people, animals and the environment. As a result, the best taste is always taste the way nature intended: authentic taste.
The meat in this box is selected and hand-cut by our excellent team of artisan butchers.

  • Gasconne Côte de Veau dry-aged
  • Simmentaler Beef tenderloin
  • Baambrugs big Pork belly with rind
  • Gasconne veal entrecote
  • Simmentaler Picanha
  • Dubbeldoel Flank steak
  • Lindenhoff ereburgers
    This special burger is made from entrecote and pork belly, and has been awarded the title “Best burger of the Netherlands” three times after being prepared by restaurant Iveau Burgers in Arnhem.
  • Brioche burger buns

Gasconne Côte de Veau dry-aged
Considered one of the finest cuts of meat by many, the côte de veau is essentially veal ribeye on the bone. A côte de veau is a cross-section of different muscles, and thus offers a variety of textures. At Lindenhoff, we mature our côte de veau for at least 21 days in specially designed chambers. This process, also called dry-aging, ensures buttery tender meat with a wonderful, intense flavour experience – once you have tasted it, you are hooked!

Simmentaler Beef tenderloin
The tenderloin is widely regarded as the most tender cut of beef from which, among other things, the tournedos is cut from. The meat has a very fine texture and almost no fat or connective tissue. Whole beef tenderloins are perfect for roasting in the oven or barbecue.


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