Smaakselectie door topchefs
In heel Nederland gekoeld thuisbezorgd
Direct van kleinschalige boeren
Thuis aan tafel, als in een restaurant

Deluxe cheese and charcuterie platter



A lovely selection of bites and two bottles of cava for the upcoming holiday season!
If you’re looking for a lovely charcuterie board to share with family and friends, look no further! This platter consists of a selection of delicious cheeses, an assortment of hand-crafted charcuterie and various other bites to graze on. Perfect for a festive evening with a glass of cava, this sensational platter box has everything you need for a touch of decadence this season.

Curious what you’ll find in this box? We’ve listed the items for your down below:

  • Cava Brut
  • Oudwijker Colosso 
  • Vacherin mont d’or AOP
  • Rommadou hervē
  • Kamiel
  • Goudse farmers overlay cheese 3,5 year old
  • Rustic bread to share 
  • Sliced and smoked Simmentaler ribeye
  • Sliced san danielleham 
  • Brandt & Levie truffel 
  • Pan de higo
  • Grapes
  • Honey roasted pecan
  • Quinces jelly from own kitchen garden